Tuesday 5 June 2012

News of the Day

I usually love to be on line but some days I need to step away and spend my time on other pursuits.  Today was that sort of day.  I spent far less time on line than usual and far more time reading and drawing.  It was restorative.

Here's what I did find while I was on line:

Look who got featured by Mama Chocolate at this week's Delicious Dish Tuesday!
My Facebook and blogging friends are so good to me!   I'm always honoured when one of my recipes is featured.  It means a lot to me.

Isn't it pretty?  What a perfect dessert to offer guests at the end of a summer meal!

I seem to have mosaics on my mind today.
It’s beautiful, and relatively simple to make.

Op Art is art in which perspective is manipulated through the use of curved lines and repeated patterns. I made many of these pieces as a young woman but haven't done any Op Art work for years.  This piece by ArtClubBlog inspired me to make some more. 
I had a lot of fun with this project this afternoon.

I was interested to see this recipe for Cauliflower Rice from Full Belly Sisters.  The recipe contains more vegetables than rice but, since much of the vegetable portion is cauliflower cleverly disguised as rice,  it would be good even for my meatatarian.

The Cauliflower Rice recipe reminded me of "My Big Fat Diet," a documentary that aired on CBC a while ago.  It was about a dietary experiment in which members of the Ngamis First Nation of Alert Bay stepped away from their usual diet and attempted to eat something that more closely resembled the diet their ancestors ate before European contact.  

The traditional diet of the coastal First Nations contained very few carbohydrates so participants in the experiment were not allowed pasta, rice or bread.  A "cauliflower rice" dish containing no grain at all became so popular that the local grocer couldn't keep it in stock.  CBC has links to information about the documentary, and about the study behind it, on their website.

At pretty much the other end of the healthy eating spectrum, is this Beer Battered Asparagus from My Favorite Things may not be as good for you as cauliflower rice is, but I'll bet it sure tastes good.  
I plan to give it a try while local asparagus is still available.

I'm going to bid you goodnight a little early tonight and head out for a walk.  
Our cool windy day has turned into a bright, windy evening and I want to play outside.

Have a pleasant evening.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for including our Cauliflower Fried Rice - we really appreciate it!

Aunt B said...

You're welcome Justine. It's a good, practical recipe. I was pleased to find it. :)