Sunday 3 June 2012

News of the Day

I’m starting today’s post with my last activity of the evening. 

I’ve been neglecting my B-attitude blog lately, perhaps because it requires quiet thought and I find myself in perpetual motion.  I did make a new post this evening, though.  I was very pleased with the photo so the piece more or less just wrote itself.

Mia’s Domain was also inspired by nature today and shared this beautiful scene, viewed from her kitchen window.  Lovely!

Creativity is one of the things I love about the blogosphere.  There are so many 
inspiring ideas out there.

I really like this art project idea from Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning, which would capture the imagination of children of almost any age. 
Kids love to look at their reflections so self portraits are always a popular undertaking.  The results are always enchanting.

This collection of plant related projects for pre-schoolers from A Day in the Life of the Brown Family, demonstrates the good fun you can have coming up with new ideas while working around a single theme.

My Facebook chums in Britain are still busy celebrating the Jubilee. 
(Did you know it’s being broadcast on TV here in North America too?)
This morning Jams’n’Pans shared photos of the wonderful Victoria Sponge she baked for the Jubilee Tea.

If you’d like to try making a Victoria Sponge yourself, this recipe from Delia Smith is very good.

I meant to share this picture yesterday.  The two lovely ladies pictured below are Maud and Millie.  They’re dressed in their Jubilee best, one with a ribbon, the other a rosette.  The girls kindly allow Modern Country Lady to live with them and, today, sent her to the Thames Pageant to provide them some personalized photo coverage of the event.

I dragged myself away from the Jubilee coverage to do chores today, and got quite a lot of cleaning and cooking done.  Not as much fun as watching the party, for sure, but it does feel good to catch up on the practical stuff too.

I’ve added these fabric bowl covers with elasticized edges from The Cottage Home to my “to do” list. Before the era of plastic wrap, my Grandma covered her bowls this way or - if they were oddly shaped - with pieces of cloth that had heavy glass beads sewn to each corner. You placed the cloth over the bowl or pitcher and gravity did the work, pulling the beads down and making a snug cover for the top of the vessel.

After I posted the bowl cover link on my Facebook page, Decorate With Sprinkles kindly shared this photo of one of her jug covers, illustrating nicely how the beaded edge works.

Remember the photo of tomatoes and basil I posted from my shopping trip yesterday?  Here’s a picture of the finished dish.  It was really tasty and, because we shared it right off the serving plate, clean up was super easy too.

So that’s my Sunday.
Time to call it a day.
Wishing you all a happy tomorrow.

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