Monday 4 June 2012

News of the Day

Monday, Monday,
So good to me…

My day got off to a super start.  It’s our 31st wedding anniversary and my husband, who rarely fusses about these things, saved up to buy me a gift.  It’s a pretty big deal, really:  We almost never exchange gifts because our budget doesn’t stretch to that luxury, and he had to really pinch pennies in order to manage it. 

This morning he gave me a pretty pink and white gift bag in which he’d placed a thoughtfully chosen card and a beautiful, soft, gauzey scarf printed with red poppies on a black background.  I love the gift, and I appreciate the thought behind it even more.

Apparently not everyone greeted the day with the same enthusiasm.  ;)   Canning Granny shared this photo on her Facebook page this morning and, even though I’m feeling chipper today, it made me grin.

This picture of my wonderful nieces also made me smile.  They volunteered at the
Child Run fundraiser for BC Children's Hospital this weekend.  Good girls, great cause. 
I'm proud of them!

The Happy Housewife posted a recipe for Bara Brith (a Welsh tea cake) a short while ago. It brought back memories of my great grandmother and prompted a happy baking session at our house this weekend.  The cake turned out very well and disappeared very quickly!
I shared my version of the recipe at Aunt B on a Budget this afternoon.

Mrs. Happy Homemaker shared a recipe for Citrus and Cream Cheese Pull Apart Buns on her blog today. They look delicious!  I could go for a couple of those at breakfast time!  Or for coffee break.  Or for dessert...

In my continuing quest to reduce kitchen waste, I read an article from Gilt Taste on cooking with potato peels.  The pie crust idea sounded particularly good.

I love my slow cooker so I was also interested to read a post by Artisan Bread in Five on baking bread in a crock pot.  I’m definitely going to have to give it a try!
I'll let you know how it turns out.

Sometimes I just want to play with my food. 
I'm willing to wager that even the most salad-wary kid would just love this cucumber killer whale, shared on Facebook this afternoon by Recycle Buy Vintage. The whale was carved by designer Brock Davis.  You can see more of his work on or on his own website.

My last note of the evening could be called "News of Tomorrow" I guess, but if you know about it now you can make preparations to enjoy it.  

Tomorrow afternoon, just after 3 pm Pacific Time, Venus will begin transiting the sun.  This event won't occur again until 2117, so you may want to check it out.  

Do exercise care to properly protect your eyes from the bright light of the sun by viewing the transit event through an appropriate filter.  Joybilee Farm shared an MSNBC article on the transit and how to safely view it.  If you're planning to watch the transit, do take a moment to review the information first.  Then cross your fingers for clear skies!

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my evening.
I hope yours is a happy one too. 
See you tomorrow.

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