Tuesday 7 January 2014

News of the Day

Here are some of the links I've shared today on my Aunt B's Kitchen on Facebook, B on BalanceTwitter, and Pinterest.

On my blogs:

Healthy 30 Minute Alphabet Soup from Bless this Mess

Poulet Yassa (Senegalese Chicken) from Wanderlust Kitchen

Vegetarian lentil loaf from Inspired Housewife.


A correlation between childhood music lessons and improved memory as you age? Perhaps. Read about it in this article from National Geographic.

Don't believe the title:  There are crunches in there!

Positive thinking, Positive living:

A practical guide to owning less clothing from Becoming Minimalist. 

Having a really bad day?  Here are 46 things you need to hear, shared by Upworthy, and - please - if you are depressed, do reach out for help.  A great many people care deeply and will do their best to provide the support you need.

Crafts and DIY:

An infinity scarf pattern simple enough for beginning knitters from Tinsel mint.

Crayon resist thank you cards from Happy Hooligans.