Friday 17 January 2014

News of the Day

Here are some of the links I've shared today on my Aunt B's Kitchen on Facebook, B on BalanceTwitter, and Pinterest.

On my blogs:

Franklin Becker's little beet salad recipe from Food Republic.

The ultimate taco salad from Cherished Bliss.

Cowboy caviar from ChinDeep.

Slow roasted salmon with cabbage, bacon, and dill from Serious Eats.

BBQ glazed meat and potato cupcakes stuffed with mozzarella, from ChinDeep.

Rosemary pork white bean soup from OneWorldPlate.

101 dosa varieties from Methi Adai.

Sweet beer bread from Jana Klaner Matson via LoveFoodies.

Chocolate tea time loaf from Cozycakes Cottage.

18 daily habits that make life in the kitchen better, from The Kitchn

Benjamin Franklin - A Founding Foodie, by Tori Avey of History Kitchen.

Health and Fitness:

Eat to beat the winter blues, from Epicurious.

6 nutrients for healthier hair from Health Magazine.

Scientific American reports Researchers Find New Genetic Clue to Lupus, from Huff Post Healthy Living.


Take 30 seconds & think about what makes you happy, from WeeklyPositive via Hooplaha.

Child's Play:

Play date: Crayon art, from CBC Parents blog.

DIY play food: Tacos, from Munchkin and Bean.

Vancouver Island:

Tetsuo Kovama, master of the ancient art of Japanese fabric dying and woodblook printing will instruct a five-day workshop November 22 - 26, 2014 in Duncan.