Friday 3 January 2014

Good Morning

A person could not ask for a morning more different from yesterday's.  The sun rose in a clear blue sky, with just a few wisps of cloud to reflect the colours of its waking. The fields were silvered with frost, puddles covered with a skim of ice, trees and bushes white traceries of crystal frost lace.

As the air warmed, mist began to rise from the fields and, as it swirled upwards caught by the sun, it turned pink and orange and sweet pale yellow.

The air was alive with birdsong.  Vees of noisy geese provided a squawking counterpoint to the melody as they made their way towards the waters of the bay.

Now the sun is well up in the sky and it has become one of those sweet, blue-silver, perfect winter days we relish as jewels set in the soft grey cotton of our winter months.  

The water of the strait is a dark satin sister to the blue of the sky and boats gleam white with reflected sunlight. A light breeze ruffles the water into shimmering ripples, and moves the flags on the flagpoles just outside my windows.  Gulls are playing; spiraling round and round, wings outspread just beside the shore.

My view of the mainland coast is very clear today, the cliffs and trees distinct even from this distance and, above the receding lines of blue mountain, cumulus clouds edge the clear blue bowl of the sky.

Nearer by, two does are grazing on the grass across the road, untroubled by passers-by, raising their heads occasionally to glance around before returning to their breakfast.  

It is a morning for rising and stretching and luxuriating in the quality of the light, for brisk walks, for picture taking and window gazing.  It is a glorious thing.

What ever the weather where you are, and whatever you're doing, I hope your day is off to a joyful start and that you'll carry your own sunshine with you, deep within your heart.  Have a wonderful Friday.