Monday 13 January 2014

News of the Day

Here are some of the links I've shared today on my Aunt B's Kitchen on Facebook, B on BalanceTwitter, and Pinterest.

On my blogs:

Good morning.


Homemade curry powder from Delicious Obsessions.

Yellow pumpkin dal from Archana's Kitchen.

Curry green beans from Veggie Converter.

How to make perfect brown rice from Transfer of Health.

Frugal living:


The dark side of kale (and how to eat around it). Good advice on cruciferous vegetables and hypothyroidism, shared by NPR

9 surprising signs of hypothyroidism, shared by Everyday Health.

11 early signs of dementia, from Everyday Health.


My friend Laurel shared this piece by Robbie Craig.  I love "meeting" new artists!  You can find more of Robbie's work on his website.

Beautiful Vancouver Island:

I'm so looking forward to this!  Prelude To Spring at Butchart Gardens.  It starts January 15.

Our Interesting World: