Thursday 5 June 2014

Good Morning

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I don't usually drive to work with the radio on.  I dislike all the chatter on morning radio.  I prefer to enjoy the passing scenery and my morning thoughts in quiet. This morning, though, I was expecting a phone call and needed to turn the radio on in order to use my car's hands-free device.  

I was mostly filtering out what was said (treating it kind of like white noise) until the DJ's conversation turned to odd stories in the news and, in particular, to a story about the theft of a bread truck.  The thief was dressed in only his underwear and, after stealing stealing the truck, made all the scheduled deliveries on the route before tossing any remaining bread from the truck to passers-by, Robin Hood style.

You've got to wonder about the back story behind a snippet like that.  Why steal a bread truck (or anything at all, really) dressed only in your underwear?  Why make the scheduled deliveries after taking the truck? But, most of all, why on earth did none of the people he delivered to not report something unusual?  I mean the guy was in his underwear!  Did they think he stripped down because it was a little warm in the truck? Maybe...

Anyway, it gave me a chuckle, and I hope it makes you smile too.  

Sometimes it's good to change our routine and welcome a little levity into the moment, don't you think?  Smiles are the very best way to start the day.   :)

Have a joyful Thursday.