Tuesday 10 June 2014

Good Morning


Isn't that a wonderful word?  It's an old English term intended to denote someone suffering from confusion, or possibly dementia.  

I'm applying it to myself this morning, in a more fanciful way.

I slept late today and I'm still curled up in the corner of the couch, gazing out the window and drinking coffee.  

And I am addlepated.  

My brain seems determined not to kick into gear this morning. Whenever I stir myself to get up and start focusing on the chores of the day it wanders off again, catching some new sight out the window, some idea on the breeze, and meandering off aimlessly in a new direction.

This morning everything tells a story to me.  

The fat, neighbourly pigeons perched on the telephone wires might well be matronly housewives sitting round a kitchen table, exchanging recipes over coffee and cake.

The starling hopping across the lawn, followed by a single file of hungry fledglings attempting - rather unsuccessfully - to mimic her hunting behaviour could be a nursery school teacher taking her charges out on their first field trip.

The bickering crows in the walnut tree, squabbling among themselves until they hush suddenly at the appearance of an eagle soaring overhead remind me rather hilariously of closing time at the local pub:  a group of noisesome merry-makers pulling back as a policeman passes by.

Funny, really, how very similar all creatures are at their core.

And in the background Mother Nature continues on, regardless.  

The sun, diffused by woolly grey cloud, burnishes the edges of every leaf, the trunk of ever tree, and the top of every fence post, roof, and chimney, pewter in the morning light.

The plum trees in the yard across the way glow burgundy, their branches tipped jewel-like with small, red fruit.

And the breeze sweeps through, making it all dance.

I am sure that if I sit quietly, I'll hear the music too.  A fine reason to stay here a little longer.  The chores will wait.  They always do.

I hope that your Tuesday is off to a pleasant start and that you find a moment or two within your day to pause and listen to the music of your heart.  Have a joyful day.