Wednesday 4 June 2014

Good Morning

I often walk early in the morning at this time of year, while the air is cool and sprinklers are scattering bright rainbows across green lawns. 

I love this gift of water.  It beads the tip of every blade of grass and the petals of every flower with tiny crystal balls.  If I look closely I can see, captured within them, perfect reflections of the surrounding gardens; tiny, self-contained fairylands in every single drop. 

The water draws creatures to the garden too:  

Bright blue dragonflies flit from plant to plant on wings so impossibly transparent it defies imagination to think them capable of flight.  

Fat, furry bees bumble about their business, pausing from their work now and then for just long enough to lap a drop or two from a nearby petal. 

Robins stand with heads cocked, prospecting for worms the moisture has drawn closer to the surface of the lawn.

Sparrows bathe where puddles form, splashing water into the air and dancing beneath the droplets.

Tiny green frogs with mighty voices hide among the leaves and serenade me as I walk along.

How can I not be happy with a greeting like that to start the day?

I hope that your morning has brought its own special gifts your way, and that you find time to pause and unwrap them.  Have a wonderful Wednesday.