Sunday 1 July 2012

News of the Day

Happy Canada Day!
Isn't this photo great?  It was taken by Randy Hall - a Vancouver Island photographer - at Parksville's Canada Day celebration.  You can find more of Randy's work on his website.

I was at work today.   

My office is located in the village center of a retirement community.  
Their Canada Day began with a veterans' parade and salute to the flag. 
I'd hoped to share photos of the ceremony but, unbeknownst to those of us in the office, the community plans for the ceremony included four songs from the choir, who used our front porch as their stage!  I couldn't get out the door, so I viewed what I could of the ceremony through our office windows.

The square remained active throughout the day, with residents coming and going.  There were flags everywhere, and lots of red and white outfits.

I usually spend my on line time exploring along a theme of some sort, but today my internet adventures were quite random.

I was honoured to find that my Rhubarb, Orange, and Ginger Muffins had been featured by Heatherly Loves on her Sunday Round-Up

and flattered that my friend Rebecca from Chow and Chatter chose to share a link to a B-attitude post I wrote back in February, about our beautiful Vancouver Island shoreline.

I was very interested to read that Tori Avey of The Shiksa has started a new blog called The History Kitchen.  Our culture is often very much defined by our food and, likewise, our food by our culture, so I'm looking forward to looking back with Tori.  
She writes very well. 

I always enjoy looking at really good food photography so I spent some time exploring  
The Little Red House

Then, with both photos and Canada Day in mind, I visited the Your Canada Photos gallery on National Geographic.  There are some amazing images in the gallery, all taken by National Geographic readers, including this beautiful photo of the Juan de Fuca trail, located here on Vancouver Island. 

We wrapped up the day with hot dogs on the grill and a walk by the river.
Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of my evening!
I hope your weekend has been a pleasant one too.


hilda dada said...

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Aunt B said...

Thank you Hilda. I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. :)

Treat and Trick said...

Congrats on the feature! Thanks for sharing those amazing photos too!

Aunt B said...

Thank you. :) And thanks for stopping by for a visit.