Tuesday 3 July 2012

News of the Day

I read a lot about the Fourth of July today.

We Canadians enjoy our national holiday, but our celebrations tend to be low key in comparison to those of our American neighbours.  Folks in the US really do it up big! 
It's fun to read about it.

Rebecca Subbiah, of Chow and Chatter, has a Tuesday Market Pinterest board, on which she invites people to post market photos from around the world.  I check it out every week and always find some interesting images.  

Today this one caught my eye.  I'm always both charmed and astounded by how creative people can be, with the simplest of materials.

The Fourth appears to be a grilling occasion for many people.  

This unique grill, featured at Design You Trust, appealed to my sense of humour.  What a perfect conversation starter it would be!

Of course, you'd need something to cook on the grill.  

It's salmon season and this maple glazed grilled salmon from looks awfully good.

This grilled lemon butter zucchini recipe by Tori Avey, for Zabars, would pair well with that salmon, and it's simple to make too.

If you prefer beef, this grilled balsamic flank steak from Point-less Meals might be just the ticket, 

There were lots of Fourth of July themed desserts out there too.

Red, white and blue is a combination easily achieved with berries, like these parfaits from Better Homes and Gardens 

or you could get really ambitious and make a flag cake like this one from Secret Life of a Housewife.

My goodness!
Just thinking about all the cooking has tired me out!
It sure is inspiring though.  
I think I may have to break out the grill tomorrow.


Angela said...

My fave is the basket of potatoes. So cute.

Aunt B said...

I thought so too. :)