Wednesday 16 July 2014

Good Morning

Another clear sunny morning has strung its pale blue bead onto the necklace of summer days.  The bowl of the sky above me is as clear and transparent as glass, faded around the horizon to almost colourless. It's going to be very warm today.

The river waters are so low that in some places a person can walk all the way across without getting their knees wet.  The shallow water is musical, chuckling as it rushes over rounded rocks.  There is a swimming hole, created by means of a small stone berm built and maintained over the years by the the people who swim there.  Children are already playing in the water, watched by their parents from folding chairs set up in the shade along the shore.

California poppies brighten the edges of the park trails with bright orange and dandelions, thriving in the heat, spread a bright yellow blanket over the grassy space between the dike and river's edge.

Watering restrictions have been imposed and lawns around the neighbourhood are fading to gold.  Devoted gardeners venture out in the cool of early morning to hand water their flower beds. The contrast between lush garden and dry grass is striking.

The football field in the park down the street is now a garden of white clover, their pale pom-pom heads scattered like Swiss dot embroidery across the still-green grass.  Geese stop by on their way to the estuary to enjoy a morning salad.  

My own breakfast is waiting on the table: a bowl of fruit salad and a tall drink of water so cold that condensation is beading on the outside of the glass - a summer meal if ever there was one.  It's a joy to savour mall luxuries like these.

Whatever the weather where you are, and whatever the agenda for your day, I hope it's a happy one.  Pause a moment or two to draw a breath and admire the beauty all around you.  Enjoy the small luxuries that come your way.  Hold hope and joy close to your heart.  Have a wonderful Wednesday.