Friday 6 January 2012

Some People Are So Clever!

Not unlike quilters who sport buttons or wall hanging saying "She who dies with the most fabric wins," enthusiastic crafters tend to accumulate a lot of craft materials.  Trends change rapidly so we learn from experience that when we see something we can use at a reasonable price, we should buy it and put it away for future use.  It's not likely that we'll see it again.

All of those craft materials can take up a lot of space and, because of their unusual sizes and shapes, it can be a challenge to store them in a tidy way that also allows them to be easily accessed when we're ready to use them. Shifting my craft space into another room has re-emphasized this for me, and also reinforced the need to put all my materials in order.

I was very pleased to see this post on organizing scrapbook supplies from the Creating Keepsakes Blog.  Some of the ideas are really good.  I will, for sure, be using pants hangers to organize my ribbon spools from now on!
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