Sunday 16 October 2011


You'd never catch anyone saying this now! It's a good reminder that how we think about food and how we think about physical beauty can change over time.

Loving food as much as I do, I think a lot about it. I read a lot about food history, food anthropology, and nutrition. I read cookbooks like novels.

I've learned that nutrition and health science are constantly changing, as are our societa
l standards of health and of physical beauty. We are constantly striving to be thinner and stronger and healthier; trying to measure up to images and standards presented to us by others--images and standards often based upon nutritional trends and fads.

Diet and nutrition trends come and go but common sense remains constant. It doesn't matter what others think about how you look. It matters that you are healthy and that you're happy with who you are.

Life is about balance: Eat a wide variety of foods from all the food groups but don't obsess about diet. Try to get some exercise every day but don't worry that you'll never make the cover of Vogue or Women's Health.

Whatever you do, do it for you. Do what you need to feel healthy and happy, and remember: Moderation in all things including moderation!

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