Thursday 25 August 2011

Marché Saint Georges

I was in Vancouver for a family visit yesterday and my sister introduced me to Marché Saint Georges.  It’s charming.

The market is in a circa 1900 house, and is very simple in its furnishings and appointments.  The front door is painted with black board paint and lists the shop’s hours.  The walls are covered with a very old, and now faded, wallpaper that has been there for decades.  There is a tiny service kitchen, an espresso machine, a pastry case, a refrigerated display, some dry goods, and a display of locally woven linens.  Outside are organic fruits and vegetables, together with a few tables and chairs.  Café au lait is offered in bowls and if you choose to take tea it’s served to you in proper—if mismatched—china cups.  There is music playing.  It’s every North American’s romanticized vision of what a French neighbourhood shop should be.  I loved it.

Besides being beautiful and providing a place for neighbours to meet, Marché Saint Georges takes pains to offer good, locally produced foods.  They do their baking in-store.  The refrigerator contained locally made sausages, Fraser Valley milk, butter and yogurt, artisanal cheeses, organic eggs, and a colander of beautiful yellow and green string beans.

I appreciated the care taken in choosing the items offered for sale and in creating such a charming and welcoming atmosphere. 

Here are some photos from my visit.  You can find some more pictures, and information about the shop on their website at

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