Sunday 8 May 2011

A Gift of Time

Every Mothers Day I think of my mom and my step-mom with gratitude and love.  I also think of the many other women in my life who have inspired me and given me the great gift of their friendship.  I am so lucky to have such wonderful women around me! 

Some of my wonderful friends invited me to brunch this morning, together with their children, moms, and grandmas.  It was a lovely morning, with good food and even better company.  I enjoyed it very much and was grateful to be included. 

On the way home I noticed how many restaurants were offering Mothers Day brunches.  Brunch seems to be the celebratory meal of choice for families honouring their moms.  I wonder why?

Is it because it is usually a more leisurely meal than our weekday rushes through the kitchen?  Is it because we associate brunch with company and with socializing?  Probably both of those things, and more than that too.

Sharing a leisurely meal in the middle of the day shows our companions that we value them enough to give them the gift of time.  With today’s busy schedules that’s a very important gift, indeed.

I’ll reciprocate that generous gift of time to my friends soon. I think next Mothers Day is too far away to wait for that opportunity.  We’ll make an occasion of our own.  Setting a table and serving a meal are such small gifts to give in return for their generous, welcoming hearts.

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