Monday 4 April 2011


Okay.  I’ll admit it.  I’m obsessed with Top Chef.  When I first tuned into it a couple of seasons ago, I had no idea it would hook me.  But it has.  I’ve watched Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, and now Top Chef All Stars.  I find myself scheduling my social events and even my work in such a way as to ensure I won’t miss an episode. 

It’s not that I aspire to the level of excellence the Top Chef competitors have attained. I have a pretty good skill set and, although I strive constantly to improve it, I don’t aspire to running a kitchen full of sous chefs or to serving haute cuisine.

What, then, is it that fascinates me about this series?  I think it’s the passion these people bring to their work.  There’s a lot of hard work invested in any chef’s career.  Long hours, poor pay, and lack of job security are but a few of the challenges that face every young chef.  In the end though, every single one of the Top Chef competitors has earned their way to success through doing what they love, and doing it with passion.  That’s pretty rare these days and I admire (and envy) it greatly.

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