Thursday 24 March 2011

Breakfasts Remembered

We had breakfast for supper tonight and, while we were eating our eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes and toast, we started reminiscing about favourite breakfasts from our childhoods.

My husband’s favourite breakfast was Toad in a Hole.  On Sunday mornings, his dad would cook breakfast.  Once he had finished cooking the bacon, he would cut thick slices of white bread and use a cookie cutter to cut a hole in the center of each slice.  The bread was fried in the bacon fat until brown on one side then turned to cook on the other side.  As soon as the bread was flipped, an egg was cracked into the hole in the center of the slice and left to cook as the bread finished toasting.

My favourite breakfast was soft boiled eggs and toast soldiers.  I’m sure part of the reason I remember it so fondly is that I was only ever served this treat when staying over at my grandma’s house.  I would sit at the table like royalty and be served two perfect, soft-boiled eggs. Along with the eggs came buttered toast, cut into strips exactly sized for dipping in the egg yolks.  I would dawdle over breakfast, dipping each soldier carefully into the yolk until just the right portion of his feet was wet.  Nary a crumb remained on my plate when the meal was done.

Our eldest grandson’s favourite breakfast is oatmeal, served with brown sugar and full fat whipping cream.  His Scottish great-grandfather served him this breakfast when he was not quite two years old and continued the tradition each time he came to visit.  Great-grandfather passed away some years ago, but the memory lives on and evokes a smile whenever we share it.

It’s funny how a simple egg, a piece of toast, or a bowl of hot cereal can evoke such happy memories.  What was your favourite childhood breakfast?  Does it have a happy memory associated with it too?


Anonymous said...

My favorite breakfast ever is tied... the caserole my mom makes every Christmas morning (and only christmas morning, never any other day) is a combination of corn flakes, eggs, ham, and cheese... all done in a caserole tray. The other favorite breakfast I have is when my dad would fry the bacon into the scrambled eggs. Combined with cheese and salsa, it's one of my favorite breakfasts taht I remember from living with my folks.

Aunt B said...

I remember that casserole, or at least one very like it. Like your mom, my aunt used to make it just for Christmas breakfast. :^) Interesting!

Lyne said...

That could be a similar recipe all right - mine is modified to suit my family. :) The funniest time though was when I was mixing it up the night before and the lid came off the pepper and dumped a whole lot of pepper into the eggs! I scooped much of it out but I think that one was a little more peppery than usual!

Aunt B said...

lol Lyne! Woke everyone right up, I'll bet. :^)