Friday 30 November 2012

Christmas Baking!

I stepped away from my Facebook page a while back because my posts were being shown to an ever-declining number of people and I was having to work harder and harder to maintain a decent level of engagement with my subscribers.  

I kind of missed the point though:  I enjoy my daily interactions with the people who do see my posts and with the pages I follow.  I felt lonely without them.


I'm returning to Aunt B's Kitchen.  I may not post as regularly as I used to, and I'll try hard to remember that it's not about the numbers, but I'm glad to be back.  I missed my FB friends!

I'm celebrating by hosting a cookie party at Aunt B's Kitchen today.  Do come and join in the fun and share your favourite cookie recipe.  I'll be pinning them to a cookie party board on Pinterest too.

The cookie party idea came to me because, last December, I shared twenty-four baking recipes here between December 1 and December 24.  I'm going to share another twenty-four this year, starting tomorrow.  First, though, I'm going to list last year's recipes all in one place.  I thought you might appreciate an easy reference tool.  :)

Here are the recipes I posted in December 2011.  Click on the link below each photo to go directly to the page.  

Enjoy the recipes and I'll see you at the party!  


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your recipes. Triple Chocolate Brownies look really good right now! I'm curious if you have a favorite? Thanks for stopping by and saying hello - Merry Christmas to you!

Aunt B said...

Thanks Laurie. My personal favourite among these recipes is the brown sugar shortbread, because of the memories it evokes for me. We've been making it for at least three generations in my family, just the same way. Every bite speaks of Christmas past and of Christmases (and family) yet to come.