Monday 9 June 2014

Good Morning

The weather will change soon I think. When I woke at 5:00, the sky was clear, with not a cloud in sight but, by the time I left the house to drive to work, it was decorated with downy streamers of white and grey.

A breeze has come up, cooling the air and riffling the surface of the water into pale blue satin.  Even the quiet waters of the estuary are stirred, breaking the reflections of the still herons fishing along the shore into tiny blue-grey shards that seem to dance and sway even as the birds themselves stand like statues.

The grass on the roadsides is taller than the fence posts now, and sways in the breeze, purple seed heads nodding to the rhythm of Nature's heart beat.  Small brown rabbits dart in and out among the tall stalks, the sound of their movements lost in the rustling of the grass.

 A red tailed hawk perches on a lamp post near my window, its feathers occasionally ruffled by the breeze as it waits, fierce yellow eyes focused on the shrubbery into which a family of quail have disappeared, moving so swiftly and smoothly that they might have been on wheels.

Sunlight flickers across the square, baffled by the movement of shoals of clouds, turning the scenery into a projected image; an old time movie - light, dim, light, dim - before breaking through to a cloudless patch of sky and spotlighting the peonies in the garden so they glow electric pink.

My heart has not yet decided it's Monday.  It wants to cling to slow waking and day dreams, window gazing and wool gathering, but it's time to focus now, and to set about tackling the chores of the day.

I'm off to do that, but not before I wish you a happy day.  I hope it brings you a thousand gifts both big and small, time for day dreams, and a few still moments in which to listen to your heart. 

Have a marvelous Monday.