Tuesday 24 June 2014

Good Morning

I didn't take this picture today.  I took it on a late June day two years ago, but the weather and light today are remarkably similar.

We had a good rain last night.  We needed it.  In this green corner of the world there's a lot of growing stuff, and all that stuff needs frequent drinks of water to do what it does.  This year we haven't had enough of it, so we're very grateful to see the rain when it comes.

June is a time of rampant growth here. The wild grass in the Somenos marsh is taller than most people, and the woodlands are a riot of green.  Foliage in every imaginable shape and size is reaching the peak of its growth, and vivid mats of moss cushion every shady corner. 

On farms in the valley the year's second cut of hay is being harvested, great swaths of lavender corduroy rolling meadows with fragrant purple, on acres of vineyard tiny green grapes promise autumnal greatness, and cows and calves and sheep and llamas graze contentedly, growing fat on the rich green grasses of the season.

On days like today, all this abundance looks fresh and new, scrubbed free of dust by the rain, and proudly displayed in its Sunday best.

The wild creatures seem happy to see the rain too.  The air is absolutely alive with birdsong right now.  Squirrels are busy checking the crop in the walnut tree outside my window.  A deer is standing on its hind legs, stretching up to graze the bottom leaves from the crab apple tree in the yard on the corner.  

By the river, kingfishers perch on low hanging branches and herons stand in still pools.  Both watch the water intently, somehow distinguishing between the dimples of raindrops on the surface and the movement of fish below.

I'm going to enjoy this cool, wet day.  My umbrella is waiting in the stand by the door and chores can be left for a little while. This morning is for the sound of raindrops pattering on my umbrella, and the sight of ducks paddling on the lake.

Whatever your Tuesday holds for you, whatever the weather where you are, I hope your day's a happy one. However busy you may be, I hope you can find a moment or two to pause and enjoy the beauty all around you.  Have a joyful day.