Thursday 19 June 2014

Good Morning

It's often grey in June here, and today is just such a day.  There's beauty in those clouds though:  Ever-changing shapes and textures and a thousand different variations of light and shadow. Who knew there could possibly be so many different shades of grey?

It's a wonderful day to enjoy broad views that afford the watcher a wide expanse of sky.  Flat farm fields become the most incredible theaters, treating us to a seemingly endless panorama of ever changing, constantly moving cloud.  Views across the water do that too, with the drama of the water's reflective surface adding both light and more motion to the mix.

From my office window, I am treated to a pewter sea today, matte in the foreground where the wind has rumpled its surface into low waves, and reflective as glass a little further out, glowing with reflected sunlight that has found its way through the clouds.  A single boat is traveling by, its wake a thin white line drawn across the deep grey of the water, it's bow wave clearly visible even from a distance.

The mountains, teal and blue, recede in ever-paler layers on the coast, their tops limned in pale yellow; diffuse light that is causing the landscape's greens to glow richly in the foreground.

In the flower beds outside, our drifts of lavender are in full bloom now, and so busy with bees that the stems bend and move with no assistance from the wind.  The huge clumps in of blue salvia in the gardens just below are humming too.  I can hear bee song through the open window.

There's a heron resting in the cedar tree across the square. Scarcely visible unless he moves, he nonetheless makes his presence known.  His rusty croak carries clearly across the space and echoes off the walls of the buildings.

It's a day for widow gazing and wool gathering, a day for daydreaming and for cups of tea, a day for letter writing and book reading, but I'm not sure they'd appreciate all that here at the office!  Still, I'm sure I'll be able to sneak in a quiet moment or two.

I hope your morning's been a happy one, and that your afternoon is better still.  Approach the day with a hopeful heart and remember: There's always time for a daydream or two.