Wednesday 2 July 2014

Good Morning

Look who I met this morning!  

I wanted to be a lie-a-bed today, staying curled up in my cozy nest with a cup of coffee and a book.  I wanted to skip my walk.

Yesterday was the kind of hot, humid day that makes a person long for rain.  The high temperature was 34 C/94 F and we had 83% humidity.  It felt like being wrapped in a big, wet, wool blanket!  I had a pleasant day, but by the time I got to bed, I was exhausted.

Today dawned with a vivid red sky, a sure sign that the weather is changing. My fella knew that I'd planned a walk, so he brought me a cup of coffee and gently chivvied me to get on my feet and go.  

I'm so grateful that I did!

There was a cooling breeze this morning.  It felt like a kiss on my cheek and made the trees hum as the cottonwood leaves rustled above the streets.  Even the birds seemed relieved by the change, singing loudly and flitting busily from shrub to shrub in the gardens along the street.

As I walked the neighbourhood, sprinklers chit-chit-chittered across water beaded lawns and gardens, rainbows glinting in the arches of water.  

Squirrels commuted on the power line highways above me, running busily back and forth between the walnut trees, tending their crops.  

A pigeon convention had gathered on the back stop fence at the playing field and were sharing the news of the day.

I was strolling along, lost in my thoughts, not really thinking about my surroundings, when I rounded a corner and there they were:  a Mama deer and her wee baby grazing in a back yard.  Such a sweet surprise!

It's late in the year for such a young fawn, but there it was, still wearing its baby spots and sticking close to Mama, so brand new it made my heart sing: a wonderful, unexpected reward for stirring myself to get outdoors.

After that lovely surprise, I continued my walk, looking more closely at my surroundings.  

I saw perfect pink roses, busy bees, and quick brown sparrows.  

I saw a lone raven perching on the edge of an ornate bird bath.  

I saw a cloud of tiny, white moths fluttering above a flower bed. 

I noticed a hand painted sign at the end of a garden path that says "She who plants a seed, plants hope."  

How perfect is that?

I returned home smiling, holding the morning's collected images in my heart, grateful for the gift of this new day.

I hope your day is off to a happy beginning too.  Have a joyful day today and remember that wonderful surprises are always waiting just around the corner.