Monday 11 June 2012

News of the Day

Ah, Monday!

My weekends these days are often spent chipping away at an endless chore list, but this Saturday I took the day off to go visiting.  Lots of walking in my day,
and looking about at my surroundings.  It reminded me to take the time to appreciate
this beautiful place I live in.

I took this picture on Saturday morning, in Central Saanich.
The photo was taken from the side of the highway.  I had to pull over to snap the shot because I was so captivated by the electric green of some of the fields, and how it contrasted with the dark browns of the newly plowed and planted soil.

But even living in a place so beautiful as this, I dream of seeing other landscapes.
I'm a great armchair traveler, and ever grateful for the way the internet affords me glimpses of places I can only visit in my imagination.

Today was an armchair travel day.

After I finished touring Balzano, I popped over to Rebecca's Tuesday Market board on Pinterest to see what other beautiful markets I could browse through today.

(photo by Mary Hartley via Pinterest)

All that shopping made me think about cooking, and since it's Meatless Monday, I thought some vegetarian dishes were in order.

I traveled to India to sample some flavourful meat free meals.

and Cookie + Kate's tomato and lentil curry will find its way to our table soon, I'm sure.

And now it's time for me to travel once again, this time off to the Land of Knod.
Good night. 
I hope your Monday was a happy one.


Vicky said...

Thank you for your lovely comment and for mentioning them here! I love the idea of an armchair travel day!


Aunt B said...

My pleasure Vicky. :) Thank you for stopping by to check out the post.

craftmates said...

Yes, the internet is indeed a great place to see places you can only dream of. Thanks for sharing Aunt B.


Aunt B said...

Thank you for stopping by Virna, and for taking the time to comment. :)