Sunday 15 May 2011

On My Mind

The day snuck by me today without me writing a blog.  Although I spent much of my day preparing food, oddly it wasn’t much on my mind.  Guess we all have days like that.

What was on my mind?  Well, let’s see: 

The crummy weather was on my mind.  It was raining so hard that I actually got a chance to disprove the saying “lovely weather for ducks.”  I went to Quamichan Lake and saw nary a duck.  They were all hiding somewhere in the reeds or on the shore, sheltered from the worst of the downpour.  I did see some seagulls though, and a very wet woodpecker.

Spring was on my mind, especially spring flowers.  I worried some about how much the rain was beating up the rhododendrons in our garden, and how it had stripped the last blooms off the magnolia down the street.  I went to a garden center this afternoon and looked at pots and herbs for my balcony.  I was grateful that even though it is wet the weather is quite mild now.

Laundry was on my mind.  It seems to get away from me sometimes.  There are so many other things to do with my day.  Today, though, I washed the whole lot, folded it, and put most of it away.  (Some went into the ironing basket where it will sit ignored until I actually need it.)

Money was on my mind.  I sorted through a pile of receipts, did some filing, and some bookkeeping.  It’s my least favourite chore, but oh so necessary.

Friends were on my mind.  My friend Anna stopped by to visit.  I planned to phone several people but never got around to it.  Guess I’ll try again tomorrow.  I’m glad they understand that I’m just disorganized, not taking them for granted.

Family was on my mind.  I spent some time today being grateful for mine, both those who live nearby and those who do not.  They’ve been there for me both in happy times and sad.  I’m fortunate to have them.

While I was thinking about all this, my hands were busy, going through the steps of cooking almost automatically.  Despite my lack of attention, the veggies I brought home from the market got washed and stowed away, the bread rose perfectly, and the soup simmered along on the back of the stove. 

I find the process of cooking very calming.  Sometimes it calms me by keeping me totally engaged and sometimes it frees my mind to travel along other paths, as it did today.  Either way, I’m grateful to have the skills to do it, a kitchen that works for me, food enough to cook with, and friends and family to share my meals with.  I’m a lucky woman.

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