Tuesday 22 January 2013

Creative Ways To Say "I'm Nuts About You."

We used to make a big thing about holidays.  From New Years right through to Christmas, we celebrated them all.  We decorated the house, sent cards to our loved ones, made special meals.  If a holiday didn't present itself, we'd celebrate the season, with a new wreath on the door and new plants in the pots by the front door.

Then things changed.  We had a number of hard years, financially, and - just when we were getting back on our feet - I got sick.  It's been a challenge to make ends meet and, in the process of providing for necessities, holiday celebrations fell by the wayside.

It's been interesting to me.  I've learned just which traditions mean the most to us, and why.

You won't find a Valentine's wreath on our door, or heart strewn banners or bunting in our home, but - perhaps surprisingly - we do still make a special occasion of Valentine's Day.

After so many years together, with the challenges that recent years have brought our way, my husband and I have come to value each other more deeply than ever.  We appreciate the opportunity Valentines Day affords us to celebrate our good fortune in finding, and keeping, each other.

Our Valentine's celebration is usually a homemade affair and, with Valentine's Day less than a month away, I've been giving this year's projects some thought.  

There's so much great inspiration out there!  

Here are some ideas that have caught my fancy.

I made this photo box for my husband a while ago.  It's a lovely way to share happy memories with a loved one, and you can easily adapt the colours and motif to suit your personal taste.

I haven't decided on a card yet, but this 3-D valentine from The Creative Place is awfully cute.  It folds flat, too, so there would be no extra postage required should you wish to send it in the mail.

I want to make these bacon hearts from The Paper Mama for my fella on Valentines Day morning. I know my guy'll will be delighted by them.

I might even serve this egg in a basket from Reclaiming Provincial along with the bacon. 

I'll leave my guy a couple of his favourite chocolate bars on Valentines Day, hidden somewhere for him to discover while I'm at the office for the day.  These chocolate bar wrappers from Jeanne Winters Inspiring Ideas will give him a chuckle.

Valentine's Day dinner is usually a co-operative effort at our house.  My fella cooks the protein (often steak, which is another huge treat for both of us) and I prepare the vegetables and dessert.  I think that these little heart shaped roast potatoes from Haniela's; from my kitchen to yours will make an excellent side dish.

Of course, it wouldn't be Valentine's Day dinner without some sort of chocolate dessert.  I'm going to make Hammer Cookies this year.  Instead of slicing rounds, I'll roll the dough out and cut heart shapes.  The pretty red and white tops will make a lovely finishing note to our meal.

So, that's the plan.  

How do you celebrate Valentines Day?  Any special traditions at your house?  

I'd love to hear about them.

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